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We provide services to support your business success.

Customer Support - Providing reliable, knowledgeable customer support on which your business can consistently depend is our goal.

Training - We are committed to ensuring the success of your business applications across your entire company. To that end, we offer two types of online training options to ensure the successful adoption of functionality by all users.

1) Free Training - an initial free session delivered via the web with live Q & A following each session.                                                                             2) Custom Training - includes tailored end-user training specific to your business. Interactive live, online sessions tailored to meet the functional needs of your organization.

When You Need More Help

While busines applications like Zoho and Xero can start providing value to your business team immediately, we also recognize that every environment has its special needs. In addition to our personalized customer care and support, we offer other services that ensure these applications are an integrated part of your business. These include:

  • Data Migration
  • On Demand Administration
  • Strategic Consultation
  • Data Integration
  • Application Creation
  • Custom Team Training
  • Support

To find out more about these services, contact us.