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Zoho Online

SMBOnline 360° offers the following online business applications to help you manage and grow your business.

Accounting/ERP - Streamline your entire backoffice with on-demand Accounting/ERP functionality from Xero.

Real-time Dashboards - Dashboards provide you business intelligence from all areas of your company, from accounting and sales, to fulfillment and support. Customizable for each employee in your company, the Dashboard offers instant snapshots of key performance indicators, such as new sales orders, inventory, accounts receivable, or items to ship. Spend your time analyzing your data, not gathering it. As a result, you accelerate and improve your business decisions.

Financial Reporting - Having visibility to the key numbers and reports is critical to successfully managing your company's finances. With SMBOnline 360° services, you get comprehensive financial tools that allow you to control all your financial data and processes. Since financials are integrated with all other accounting functions, you get real-time financial data that enables faster, smarter business decisions.

Customer Relationship Management - Automate sales management with an award-winning customer relationship management (CRM) solution from Zoho.

Sales Force Automation - Sales force automation (SFA) capabilities allow you to manage the entire selling process, including sales order entry, post-sale follow-up and support, as well as upselling opportunities. The system provides complete customer purchase histories, which enable your sales representatives to serve your customers better, improve customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Human Resource Management - The system automates and centralizes employee management and self-service while optimizing a company's investment in its employees. It enables collaboration and reduces administrative overhead in the company, allowing improved productivity and reduced costs. HR professionals can set up a corporate intranet to publish content such as directories of corporate policies, benefits information, and corporate holidays, and easily maintain and publish corporate employee directories.

Business Intelligence - A host of reporting and business intelligence features support your entire organization, allowing you to pull reports from a common data repository and ensuring real-time views into your company.                                                                             

Shared Group Calender - Delivering powerful group calendaring capabilities, users share calendars, develop schedules for any kind of business activity, and monitor assets, all of which helps business processes flow more smoothly. Individuals are empowered to manage their schedules more effectively, while managers have full visibility into the activities of their employees.

Support Management - A customer support management software solution that provides the tools to handle issues more quickly and improve customer relationships. Support representatives have views into customer purchase histories, meaning they no longer have to track down information such as support entitlement, outstanding invoices, shipment statuses, and contracts in separate applications.

Collaborative Document Management - Document management that electronically organizes and stores content by employee, client, project, or on an aggregate basis. Private documents are secured when privacy is required and collaborative documents allow a means for group document editing, sharing, and management.